Award Winning Flood Box immersion cleaning 

Increased exposure to chemical wash liquid for better cleaning

Ideal for low standoff components and highly dense circuit designs

Flood Box is followed by traditional Spray-In Air section 

Complete product submersion on linear conveyor system

Available on Nu/Clean 300 and Nu/Clean 800 series

100% Made in the USA

US Based Technical Support

Making Your World A Cleaner Place with Zero Discharge Cleaning

The Nu/Clean Flood Box™

Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and aqueous chemistry-based cleaning, the innovative Aqua Batch supports process temperature ranges from ambient to 200°F and adds the power of steam. When selected, the onboard steam generator produces hot water vapor to penetrate and soften tough, baked-on flux and paste residue so the standard wash cycle can effectively complete the cleaning process. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to select the type and duration of wash, number of rinse cycles, and duration of the forced-air dry cycle.

The Flood Box is a self- contained area, resulting in greatly reduced chemistry loss in the wash section. The chemistry is not being sprayed into air and being sucked up by an exhaust system as in traditional inline systems. The chemistry is more efficiently recycled through the Flood Box which means lower costs and easier compliance with environmental standards. Because of the innovative way the Flood Box is able to absolutely penetrate the low clearances within the electronic assembly, the amount of chemistry needed to clean assemblies may be significantly reduced. The amount of money saved on just chemistry consumption makes the Nu/Clean Flood Box Inline Cleaner the smart choice for cleaning!

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Nu/Clean Flood Box Features:

  • 12.1” Touchscreen with Windows CE Software
  • Real Time Process Monitoring
  • SPC Data Logging and Remote Viewing
  • Alarm Package included in software
  • Unlimited Recipe Storage
  • Heated Chemistry Tank
  • Chemical Metering Pump
  • 19” x 19” x 19” Stainless Steel Process Chamber
  • Top and Bottom Stainless Steel Board Racks
  • Modular Coherent Jet Manifolds
  • ESD Ground Strap Plug
  • Emergency Stop
  • Wash Spray Pump
  • Dedicated Sump Tank Pump
  • Auto Chemistry ( 1 – 30%)
  • Chemical Metering Pump
  • Heated holding tank for Auto Mixed Chemistry
  • Rinse Spray Pump
  • Conductivity Probe
  • Programmable Rinse Resistivity
  • Low Power Requirement
  • 199 F Maximum Wash and Rinse Temp
  • UL listed control panel
  • CE
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