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For more information on the TDC acquisition, call Alliance at 800-969-7960 or visit us at www.alliancemfginc.com. During the transition period, some information may be missing from our website, but our products will still be available for purchase.

About Our Circuit Board Cleaning Systems

Technical Devices Company cleaning systems were developed primarily to clean printed circuit boards (PCBs), including microelectronic components. The patented “Flood Box” was designed to address the added cleaning challenges of microelectronics, such as under low stand-off components and in between densely populated components. Rather than to only spray away contaminants in those critical areas, the Flood Box offers soaking as part of the inline process.

Our products are offered in inline and batch configurations. Generally speaking, our inline cleaning systems are designed for difficult-to-clean circuit boards or for high-volume production requirements. Inline systems offer more options and control over the cleaning process, as well as the ability to fully automate production. Batch cleaners are for low-volume cleaning applications (such as re-work, testing, or R&D applications) on comparatively easy-to-clean circuit boards, as well as for those with space constraints.

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