Nu/Era CV 18″

Wave Soldering Machine

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  • Available in 450mm (~18) conveyor width
  • Dual lead-free solder pots and pumps
  • Smooth laminar wave & dancer wave
  • Reciprocating spray fluxer
  • Nitrogen soldering available

The Nu/Era CV 18″ Wave Soldering Machine

The Nu/Era CV 18″ Dual Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine is the best choice for any production line with either difficult-to-solder boards or high-volume production.  The Nu/Era CV 18″ is loaded with features and allows for the most process control of your soldering.  This wave soldering machine is made to Technical Devices specifications.  Each unit is inspected, tested, and fully supported by the Technical Devices service staff.

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Nu/Era CV 18″ Features

  • Modular, reciprocating spray fluxer
  • 2 each 3′ preheating zones
  • Dual solder pots and pumps
  • Lead-free solder pot with 1,100 lb. capacity
  • Laminar and dancer solder nozzles
  • Oxidization reducing cover
  • Nitrogen soldering available as an option
  • 6 feet of forced air convection preheat for smooth thermal curve
  • Post-wave cooling (top and bottom)
  • 7 day skip timer
  • V-shaped titanium fingers
  • PC & PLC control system
  • Easy to use computer controls (Windows-based)
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Rear access service doors
  • Easy maintenance
  • 183″ L x 57″ W x 58″ H