Small Footprint Dual Wave Soldering Machine

15.6” Process Width

Reciprocating Spray Fluxer

23.6” Preheater Module with Forced Air Convection

Touchpad Controls

Post Wave Cooling

Topside Tunnel for Uniform Temperature 


Making Your World A Cleaner Place with Zero Discharge Cleaning

The Nu/Era CV 400™

The Nu/Era CV 400 wave soldering machine offers you the ability to control the wave soldering process with precision accuracy. The Nu/Era CV 400 can store an infinite number of soldering “recipes” making it an ideal machine for companies needing to run many different boards. The small footprint of just over 9’ makes the Nu/Era CV 400 a great option for companies limited on floor space. The roll out solder pot and easy lift hood make maintenance convenient.

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Nu/Era CV 400 Features:

  • Motorized Roll Out Solder Pot
  • Cooling Fans
  • 118″ x 46″ Footprint Dimension
  • Internal Spray Fluxer
  • Forced Air Convection Preheater
  • Dual Wave with Titanium Nozzle
  • 7 Day Skip Timer
  • Constant Pressure and Flow
  • Topside Tunnel for Uniform Temperature
  • 3.5 KW Preheat Power
  • Lead-Free Solder Pot
  • Titanium “Dancer” and Laminar Wave Nozzles
  • P.I.D. Temperature Control
  • Low Dross Formation
  • 440 lb. Solder Capacity
  • Motorized Rollout Solder Pot
  • 400mm (15.6”) Process Width
  • Variable Speed 0-72 “ Per Minute
  • Standard “V” Shaped Titanium Fingers
  • Adjustable Conveyor Angle
  • Cooling Fan after the Wave
  • Rear Access Service Doors
  • Machine built to Rigid Technical Devices Company Specifications
  • Easy maintenance
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