Technical Devices Company has just taken delivery of our SECOND Thermwood 3 axis Router!

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The advanced features on our new router have allowed us to TRIPLE our production capacity. This means shorter back log times on all future orders. As an American manufacturer, we are thrilled to have two American made Thermwood routers in our manufacturing department.

We want to thank our customers for helping us to have one of our best years ever. We have received blanket orders for dozens of units from one customer and an order for 7 of our bigget inline cleaners, the Nu/Clean 800 series.

We have also been using our routers to make wet benches, chemical cabinets, TV screens, and automotive parts. If you have a product that can be made out of polypro sheet or composite materials, let us give you a quote. We love to keep our Thermwood routers working around the clock!

Blower Enclosures

Chemical Processing Benches

Custom Carts