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Nu/Era and Nu/Era MP

The Nu/Era MP with WINDOWS computerized wave soldering machine offers you the ability to control the wave soldering process with precision accuracy. The Nu/Era MP can store an infinite number of soldering "recipes" making it an ideal machine for companies needing to run many different boards. It is also great for sensitive processes that require variables to be within strict limits.

The Nu/Era features many innovations including the most efficient preheater in the industry. The low dross producing Dancer wave repeatedly solders even the most difficult boards with the lowest defect rate -- unmatched by any of our competitors. Sturdy steel construction makes the Nu/Era practically industructable.

Nu/Era Brochure

Technical Specification for the Nu/Era CV 400

Technical Specifications for the Nu/Era 18" CV

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Nu/Era CV 400

-- 400 mm (15.6") Process Width
-- Internal Spray Fluxer
-- Forced Air Convection Preheater
-- Dual Wave with Titanium Nozzle
-- Motorized Roll Out Solder Pot
-- 7 Day Skip Timer
-- Cooling Fans
-- 118" x 46" Footprint Dimension

Nu/Era CV 18"

-- Internal Spray Fluxer
-- 6' Forced Air Convection Preheater
-- Titanium Dual Wave Solder Pot
-- Full 18" Conveyor width ( adjustable from 2")
-- Cooling Fan after Wave
-- Windows Platform Software
-- Nitrogen Capable

Nu/Era Wave Soldering