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Nu/Clean Family of Inline Aqueous Cleaners


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318 XL

Whether you're cleaning circuit boards or glass lenses or auto parts or ceramic wafers, there is a Nu/Clean inline cleaner perfect for your application!

Our award winning DUAL TANK cleaner, the Nu/Clean 824 X2L allows you run both water only and chemistry processes within the same machine. This gives you maximum flexibility without any downtime for changeover.

With features like high efficiency blowers, hybrid power options, quick disconnect spray bars, and chemistry isolation, the Nu/Clean inline cleaners have been leading the industry for decades. And now with our touch screen control system and patent pending Consta-Temp VFD system, Nu/Clean inline cleaners continue to lead the industry with our technological advances.

If you are looking for maximum cleaning,chemistry, isolation, and drying capabilities, then our Nu/Clean 800 XLR series is just what you need. If you are cleaning highly dense circuit assemblies or low clearance parts, the Nu/Clean 800 XLR-FB has you covered with its built in Flood Box Stages.

Now, the award winning Flood Box technology comes in a 14' package, the Nu/Clean Nano 318XL-FB. Or if you've got plenty of floor space for all of the options, check out the Nu/Clean 318 XLR.


Looking for the latest features like the optional IR Tunnel Heater and the Award Winning Flood Box? Then choose one of the XLR series of cleaners. See more details with the Tech Specs below.


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Nu/Clean Galaxy 18C and Nu/Clean Galaxy 18W

Inline Aqueous Cleaner for Low to Mid Volume Cleaning

Full 18" Conveyor Width

Touch Screen Controls

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Nu/Clean Inline Cleaners

(All Cleaners available in Standard 18" or 24" widths, Custom Widths Available)

Nu/Clean 800 XLR-Flood Box Series

Nu/Clean 800 XLR Series

Nu/Clean 300 XLR-Flood Box Series

Nu/Clean 300 XLR Series

Please contact us for more details and to get information on more models, including our custom build inline cleaners!


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Metal parts, Glass Lenses, and Flexible Circuits.












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