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Nu/Clean DI Elite WR Systems


Looking for the Best Defluxing Batch Cleaner to go with the D.I. Elite?

The Nu/Clean AquaBatch™

Forget the limitations of the past and experience a batch system that offers multiple cleaning technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and aqueous chemistry-based cleaning, the innovative AquaBatch supports process temperature ranges from ambient to 200°F and adds the power of steam. When selected, the onboard steam generator produces hot water vapor to penetrate and soften tough, baked-on flux and paste residue so the standard wash cycle can effectively complete the cleaning process. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to select the type and duration of wash, number of rinse cycles, and duration of the forced-air dry cycle.

Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the AquaBatch brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process.



Everyone wants to save water.  It’s good for the environment and it’s good for your company’s bottom line.  A DI Elite Water System can save you money by improving your cleanliness results. Your water never has to go to drain, virtually eliminating the need for continual incoming water.  This depletes your water resources and your budget.

The DI Elite Systems are the perfect match for any of the Nu/Clean Aqua Batch Aqueous Batch Cleaners.  The DI Elite Systems will provide DI Water in a closed loop configuration with ANY batch (including the noisy one, the small one, or the leaky one you may have from one of our competitors)  or  ANY  small inline cleaner you may already have on our production floor.

The DI Elite Systems are all inclusive in a chemical resistant polypro cabinet.  The media tanks, sump tank, filters, and plumbing connections are within the cabinet.  Integrated into the cabinet is a control pad with real time monitoring.  This sleek package is designed to add to your production line so you can show your customers a clean, professional looking facility at a comparable price to the piece meal systems offered by some other companies.



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